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NAS8000 smb share permissions

Martin Megele
Occasional Advisor

NAS8000 smb share permissions


i'm running a NAS8000 with User Level (Domain) Security for SMB (Windows) Shares. There are Windows NT Clients connected to the SMB share.

Does anyone know a way to asign permissions for the share itself?
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Re: NAS8000 smb share permissions

Maybe I misunderstood the question, but Isn't that the share properties tab ? I mean, you can assign username and password for host access.
Manual says:

If you configured your system to use share-level security, enter a read-only password and a read/write password and confirm them.


Share level security for Windows NT is the simplest security method available. ??Access to file volumes or directories (shares) may be restricted on a share by share basis. The administrator can set read only passwords and read/write passwords for each share on the system. Users wishing to gain access to a share are asked to supply the correct password. Only users with the correct password are given access to the share.

hope this will help somehow ?

Vincent Fleming
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Re: NAS8000 smb share permissions


I'm not a Windoze guru, but as I understand it from having to work with it, User-level security and Share-level security are mutually exclusive.

By this I mean that if you're using User-level security, you can't use share-level security also. It's one or the other.

The SMB sharing on the NAS8000 would adhere to this principal as also.

Good luck!
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Martin Megele
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Re: NAS8000 smb share permissions

Under WindowsNT you can set permission for files/directories
and for the Network-Share.

This is used to give users different kind of permissions when they access files locally (on the server) or over a network share.

for example somebody can have ful access on the files and read access on the share. If he then logs onto the server locally he has full access. If he connects to the share over the network he only has read access.

HP told me this is not implemented in th NAS8000 because you can't logon locally.