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add memory for HP StoreEasy 1430

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add memory for HP StoreEasy 1430


I have HP StoreEasy 1430 model, with existing total memory 8GB, each slot has 4GB of ram (DIMM #1 and DIMM #3) . i want upgrade to 16GB, so i will put each slot memory with 4GB (DIMM #1 until #4) . 

specification for existing memory:

Manufacturer: "HP"
Part Number: "669238-071"
Memory Array: #4096
Form Factor: 0x09 (DIMM)
Type Detail: 0x4080 (Synchronous)
Data Width: 64 bits (+8 ECC bits)
Size: 4 GB
Speed: 1600 MHz


specification for two item of new memory ( ), 

HP Server Memory 4GB PC-12800 [669322-B21] , 4GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800E-11 .

are these correct ? please advice.


Thank you,