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changed NFS rights on NAS 2000s (without direct intervention)

Karel W. Dingeldey
Occasional Contributor

changed NFS rights on NAS 2000s (without direct intervention)


The home directory of the user alorex is placed on the NAS. After two weeks of inactivity the user cannot write to his homedir, because he has no write permissions to it.
Although the user is owner of his homedir, he cannot add the needed write permission.
The attached screenshot shows this case very clearly.

We solved this problem doing the following on the NAS itself:
- administrator is getting the ownership of the directory
- granting the user alorex full control
- changing the ownership back to user alorex

Because this procedure is not acceptable in practice we're searching for a better solution and more important we're searching for an answer why this has happend.

Can anyone help with this?

Monty Phillips
Trusted Contributor

Re: changed NFS rights on NAS 2000s (without direct intervention)

Hi Karel,

I was hoping you could provide a little more information.

1) Was the user able to write to their homedirectory prior to the 2 weeks of inactivity?

2) It looks like you user/group mappings are correct, but could you double check to be sure by running mapadmin list -all at a command prompt on the NAS server?

3) I've never seen the permissions just change like that, so I am curious what the permissions were set to before the problem started and then what they were after the issue occured.

4) Has the issue re-occurred since you resolved the issue by the procedure you mentioned?

Karel W. Dingeldey
Occasional Contributor

Re: changed NFS rights on NAS 2000s (without direct intervention)


1) Yes, the user was able to write to his directory prior the two weeks.

2) We're using auto mapping (ADS -> NIS). I checked the mapping and it is ok.

3) On the linux side the rights were before 755 and after 555.

4) This was the last such event, but we've got this symptom some weeks ago already with another directory.

I hope we can get a solution before it will happen again.