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Compaq Insight Mgr + NNM ?

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Compaq Insight Mgr + NNM ?


has anybody any experiences with monitoring a Compaq Server with Compaq Insight Mgr over the Network Node Manager ?

What is the best method to do so ? SNMP ? Or are there other methods, too ?

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Re: Compaq Insight Mgr + NNM ?

It depends on over what OS are you running NNm. If your NNM computer is a Unix system, you only can use SNMP, but if you are using the NT version of NNM, you can use DMI events and then translate them to SNMP.

The preferred way is to use SNMP traps.

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Re: Compaq Insight Mgr + NNM ?

Compaq offers a new version of Insight : insight for NNM. You don't need to compile mib and the type of server is automatically recognize.
look at the compaq Web site.

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D Provental