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Configuration Import from 8.13 to 9.10

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Configuration Import from 8.13 to 9.10

Hi folks,

Would need to do an upgrade of NNMi 8.13 to 9.10.

It is a fresh install (new server, probably external Ora DB) but I was wandering if we can import items like node groups, map settings, etc.

Or is it all starting from 0




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Re: Configuration Import from 8.13 to 9.10

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Hello Remco,


According to the 9.0 instructions the following " Upgrade the NNMi management server to version 8.10 or later. Continue with the instructions shown in Upgrade an Existing NNMi Management Server to NNMi 9.00."


This is found on page 285 on the document found Here.


So, it seems to me that you upgrade to 9.0 first and then to 9.10.



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Re: Configuration Import from 8.13 to 9.10

Hi David,


As this will be a fresh install, I am more looking into using config export & import.

But :-( , that does not work with different version so hopefully I can manage to export items via csv & then upload them cmd line wise.

Reason is that we #100-s of node groups & discovery rules.

Probably we'll have to do a full disco again also.

It's kinda big environment (does not fit the extra large req's from the spec's ;-)



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Re: Configuration Import from 8.13 to 9.10

If 8.13 has the nnmbackup.ovpl and nnmconfigexport.ovpl,  I would do the following.


nnmbackup.ovpl -type offline -scope all -archive -target /opt/NNMBackups/


Be sure to do a ovstop before issuing this command because it's expecting the application to be down.


I would also do the following.....


nnmconfigexport.ovpl -all -f /tmp/


This should cover all you're backup needs to begin the import process into NNM9






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Re: Configuration Import from 8.13 to 9.10

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I just did this upgrade with a fresh install of NNMi.


What I found is that you can do your configuration dumps out of 8.13 but they do not load into 9.0 cleanly.

I quickly found that the level of effort to fix the configs for a "clean" import was greater ( by a good margin ) of doing a fresh install of NNMi 8.13, import the configs and then go through the upgrade process.


Don't forget your MIBs also, we had added MIBs to support our hardware and there are a lot of newer versions of the ones in 8.13, also some older ones are superceded by different MIBs ( i.e. mib rfc1493-BRIDGE is replaced by mib BRIDGE-MIB also called rfc4188-BRIDGE-MIB)


NNMi changes a lot under the hood that made doing it manually, just too much work to ensure that I did not miss anything.


I hope that helps.