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Device Profile

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Device Profile

I have several Checkpoint appliances responding with OID 



in the Configuration "Device Profiles" for this profile

CheckPoint Generic        .               CheckPoint         CheckPoint         [Firewall]  Firewall


the description says "No Device Profile found for this device. The assigned SNMP OID is the top of a Net-SNMP subtree"


Do I need to add or customize a profile?


of the 4 nodes to each have different icons



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Re: Device Profile

Changing or adding a new device profile does nothing more than change the symbol or force that it is a switch or a router. The key here is the sysObjectID returned by the remote snmp agent. If this remote snmp agent returned a Checkpoint sysObjectID, we would be fine in this case. However, on your linux system the net-snmp agent is running as you stated, so it will return it’s sysObjectID and the net-snmp device profile would be used.
If possible, I would recommend running a CheckPoint remote snmp agent instead of the netsnmp agent as this would solve the issue.

Hope this helps
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Re: Device Profile



The device in question is a CheckPioint appliance.  If the respondong agent is to be changed won't that have to be done by the Vendor?