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How to get MAC adresses via SNMP???

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How to get MAC adresses via SNMP???

Hi there you all!!

I am searching for a way to get the number of MAC adresses a switch has learned or even better a list of the adresses a switch has learned.

Is there any MIB Var. telling me that and I am just to blind to see???
We are using cisco 1900 and 2900. So if you got any idea...

I already wrote the script to get those values, it is just the variables...

Other hints are welcome
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Re: How to get MAC adresses via SNMP???

It's a little tricky to pull it off, but the following MIB should give you what you want.

Try the following untill you get the info you want.

snmpwalk ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaPhysAddress

Hope that helps.
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Re: How to get MAC adresses via SNMP???


I think you can try MIB Browser and choose:

or at command comm (DOS)
issues the command:

arp -g (IPAddress)

hope it's help you

A Cossa