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MIB Filter Variable: ifAlias

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MIB Filter Variable: ifAlias

Hi all,


we want to poll the input errors in certain interfaces so we have defined a custom poller instance. The MIB expression is ifInputErrors and the MIB Filter Variable should be ifAlias but this MIB variable doesn't appears on the MIB tree.


The MIB tree starts on .1.2... and the ifAlias OID is .1.3... How can add this sub-tree? The ifAlias variable is correctly loaded on NNM. Any ideas?

Occasional Contributor

Re: MIB Filter Variable: ifAlias



The OID of the variable ifAlias is ., however, this variable is found in the subtree .1.2.840. on NNM at least when you open del MIB tree to select the MIB variable Filter at the Custom Poller Section.