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Migrate from host file to DNS

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Migrate from host file to DNS

We will migrate from host file to dns for our network components.

Is someone have already done this ?

Do you see what troubles i will see doing so ?

I think plenty of name will changed ...


Re: Migrate from host file to DNS

Our site has gone the other way...

The pitfalls to look out for are significant delays in network polling caused by incorrect or non exitant lookups and reverse lookups.

As DNS takes time to propogate through large networks, how many nodes are you transfering?

I am involved in managing customers networks so we don't have control of name services as such. If you have complete control of your name space it makes the job much easier. Issues of IP address clashes should just not happen.

Make sure your host (management servers) have had thier DNS confgured correctly before switching over. If the managenet server can't reslove its own name and reverse lookup then you are doomed!

By the cway, relying on DNS the host files for a reasonable size network will put your network management system under pressure.
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Re: Migrate from host file to DNS

thanks bob,

We have the complete control of our naming and we must rename all the nodes (due to european global policie).

Could you explicite your last sentence i am not sure to understand.

I see somewhere in the documentation that a good solution is the NNM station caching or being a secundary name server.