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Migrating NNMi 8.10 Database to 9.20 on Win2008

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Migrating NNMi 8.10 Database to 9.20 on Win2008

Hi there,


I'm performing an NNM 8.10 on win2003 upgrade to NNM 9.20 on win2008.

I will first be installing NNM 9.20 on win2008 then migrating the NNM 8.10 database.

Can someone please explain whether NNM 8.10 database in compatible with NNM 9.20, and how best to migrate the database?





HPE Expert

Re: Migrating NNMi 8.10 Database to 9.20 on Win2008

Hello Wynford



 I can tell that taking this step to move to 9.20 would be from my point of view the correct path since all the improvements and stability of  the application.



-Please check the upgrade reference that explain in details what path  you should follow in order to be in 9.20 succesfully.


-Basically you have to upgrade from 8.x  t0 9.05 first then to move to  9.20.


-Here you can  find the upgrade reference  from 8.x to 9.0 (important note: you should install patch  before the upgrade to 9.20)


-Here  you will find the upgrade reference  9.05 to 9.20


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