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NNM 7.53 email alert problem

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NNM 7.53 email alert problem

Dear Experts,


I am trying to send email alerts of node up & down status to certain email id's ,when the id's are from my domain ,like the email id's of my company then the emails are going properly.

But when I try to send these email alerts on different domain id, like the gmail id's then no email alerts are going to that id's.

Please resolve this issue,Marks will be assign for any help.




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Re: NNM 7.53 email alert problem



please ask your mail admin if mail relay is disabled. Seems more a problem with your mail system as with NNM.


Kind regards



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Re: NNM 7.53 email alert problem

Allesendro is right, Your issue is mainly becuase of your mail server configuration, either user authorized user in you mail app/script or enable mail relaying for your NNM machine.

Check this link on how to enable relaying for a node in Exchange 2007+
Note: the article was created for Exchange to relay OVPI emails, but same steps for NNM
Mahmoud Ibrahim
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