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NNM Connections not correct!!!!!

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NNM Connections not correct!!!!!

NNM 7.01 running on HP 9000 HPUX 11.11

Core router (Cisco 6509) is directly connected to another Gateway router (Cisco 6509) but no connection shows up on NNM map?

Also, question - Does NNM 7.01 show connections for static ip routes? There is not supposed to be a connection between two Distribution switches (6513s) but NNM map shows connections. In looking at the running config for these switches, static routes were configured to these devices, but there is no physical connectivity. Don't the connections on an NNM match generaly only show "physical"
(ethernet, fiber optic, etc) connections? Please advise.

So if all connections aren't physical, I am seeing some connections that are not there, and then others that should be there, aren't?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: NNM Connections not correct!!!!!

Check that connection between the routers might be hidden.

Applying following commands may correct the layout
ovstop netmon
ovw -mapcount -ruvDR
ovtopofix -a
nmdemandpoll nodeA
nmdemandpoll nodeB

If you still have the problem then you may remove/readd the nodes.

For the static routes NNM draws the connection between the nodes. Because it dumps the routing tables of the each router and determines that both node as a static route to each other. In this case NNM assumes that both routers are connected to each other.
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Re: NNM Connections not correct!!!!!

NNM does show the logical/virtual connections as well e.g. ATM information such as VPI (Virtual Path Identifier).

Since you are not getting a few connections, the best would be to contact HP. They even might ask you to upgrade to NNM 7.51 because there are multiple connection related issues resolved in NNM 7.50 and NNM 7.51

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Re: NNM Connections not correct!!!!!

Great! guys,

Thanks for the input. I have already recommended for the OVO and NNM upgrades to the client. I guess, the best I can do is just physically connect the routers/switches by creating a connection between them. However, this connection will never propagate being UP/DOWN, or provide any status as to the "real" connection out there. If the client doesn't upgrade soon, I will start a ticket with HP, and see if I can't resolve the issue just for these two instances that I have found thus far.

Thanks again.
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Re: NNM Connections not correct!!!!!

If you only have 2 nodes with this case, then you can hide the connection and unmanage/hide the interfaces if there is
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