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NNMi 9.1p1 auidble alerts?

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NNMi 9.1p1 auidble alerts?

Hey guys,


I did a few searches on the site for audible alerts and haven't seen anything new for a few years.  Is anyone doing this already?  Our NOC's monitors are too congested to have NNMi in front of them so it "sit's at their about 5 o'clock" (behind them). Other than there being a known flaw in our set up... Is there a way I can get a hand with setting up getting tone to chime?  It's a busy system but, I'd delay the action for  2-3 minutes.





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Re: NNMi 9.1p1 auidble alerts?

We had a similar request recently; this was solved at the client side, with a custom action defined for several NNMi incidents.

The action calls a script on the server (RHEL) that uses smbclient -M to send a message to a client with a small freeware program that displays pop-ups and plays audio.

A similar functionality can be achieved with SNMP trap forwarding from the management server, and trapreceiver ( on the client end.






Re: NNMi 9.1p1 auidble alerts?

Hi DJ,


I am new to the NNMi. Would you please provide me details on how to achive sould alert with NNMi?