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NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane

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NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane



I'm running NNMi 9.23 patch 4 on windows 2008 R2, using the embedded postgres database, i have a problem when i click on the incidents, it was showing the details of the incident in the analysis pane, now it shows an error says "This servlet processes requests for Network NodeManager analysis pane data servlet response error com.hp.ov.persist.common.TransactionException.javax.transaction.RollbackException:ARJUNA-16053 Could not commit transaction"


Does anyone know the reason for that and a possible solution, a snapshot is attached.




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Re: NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane

Hey Kimo , 



The error ARJUNA-16053 is a very generic error and is thrown for many Hibernate/Database related issues.  


This error is typically issued when  a problem with the database update occurs.  A common scenario here is when a mib files defines the same trap OID as an already loaded mib.   


please review this 2 known problems in Support web site 



All the best .
Mostafa Hassan
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Re: NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane



This problem can occur if there is an issue with the NA integration. If this is integrated with NA, please disable the NNMi and NA integration and do a fresh integration. Check to see if this resolves the issue

 If the above does not help, you will need to open a support case for assistance in removing the invalid NNMI and NA integration configuration entries from NNMi DB.

HP Support
If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution.
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Re: NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane

Thanks Mostafa and wrs_hp,

wrs_hp you're right, this is the same as the support reply, I reconfigured the integration between the NNMi and the NA but prior to that I had to delete some rows related to the integration from the NNMi db as per the support, and so far the problem seems to be resolved.

Thanks again

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Re: NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane

This is the reply i got from the support in case anyone faced the same problem in future.


1. Either disable NNMi and NA integration and do a fresh integration. Check if it helps to resolve the issue
2. If the above does not help, remove the invalid NNMI and NA integration configuration entries from NNMi DB:-
- Stop NNMi services.  Run command #ovstop -c

- Bring up only the DB service. Run command #ovstart –c nnmdbgmr
- Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\nonOV\Postgres\bin  folder using command prompt
- Run command #psql –U postgres –d nnm -c "DELETE FROM nms_integration_reg WHERE domain = "";"

- Bring up NNMi services Run command #ovstart –c



Database password is nnmP0stgr3S

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Re: NNMi 9.2 Error in the analysis pane

Hi mostafa ,

how i can check whether trap oid already present in nnmi.