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NNMi Ispis & NPS


NNMi Ispis & NPS



Hope you all are doing great, I need help on below questions to clear concepts. Thanks in Advance!




What is the role of "node pack NNM iSPI Network Engineering Toolset LTU" and how its different than ISPIs in terms of performance?





Can we install NPS(Netowork Performance server) on the seprate server than NNMI? And can we use different OS?




NNMi Ispi for metrix and performace is supported on HP UX unix servers? if not can we install on the separate server like NPS?


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Re: NNMi Ispis & NPS

1.  Some of the products are licenced on a device number basis, meanig if you want to monitor 100 devices you have to have a licence level of 100 devices. You add more to reach that capacity.


2. Yes, in fact you increase the performance of the NNMi server by off-loading that workload onto another box. Reporting and analysis is resource intensive.


3. I believe that HPUX is not a good choice for the entire suite, you'd have to mix and match operating systems to use everything..

Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp,  CISSP