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NNMi license check

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NNMi license check

Is anyone familiar with a method by which the number of used licenses can be determined programmatically or by using a command line tool, vs logging in to the admin client and manually performing the check?



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Re: NNMi license check


Try the below command and see if it helps...
/opt/OV/support/nnmtwiddle.ovpl invoke com.hp.ov.nms.licensingejb:mbean=LicensingInterface NNMConsumption -u <NNMiusername> -p <password>

Kindly note , this command only gives NNM license consumption count.
If you also have iSPI for NNMi say for example PerfSPI then you have to use the right mbean object and Operation. For more details you can check the jmx-console . But be cautious using jmx console as HP do not support it .
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Gopinath Manickam

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Re: NNMi license check