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Node is reported with wrong IP

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Node is reported with wrong IP

This is an odd one and for the life of me, I don't know how to solve it.


We have a linux machine (redhat) that has 5 interfaces:



eth2 =




bond0 (has eth0 and eth1) =

bond1 (has eth4 and eth5) =


When I add a node with HPOV NNM v7.50, I use as an IP address. It then adds the node, but later on refers to it as ''. When alarms are received, I can see that HPOV runs a whole bunch of GETNEXT requests to poll the device. However, if I right click on the node and select 'alarms' I get nothing besides:

system name changed (was and the source is


If I change the filter (and add, then the alarms are shown in the tab. But I think HPOV disregards any alarm sent from that device. I tried to change the Preferred SNMP address, to no avail.


The agent is net-snmp 5.3.


Can you please help? I'm baffled. If I send a trap from the agent on a different app, the trap is received correctly and looks perfectly fine (coming from Thanks!

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Re: Node is reported with wrong IP

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Yes NNM 7.5x can be rather awkward in this respect. In your case it chooses the lowest IP address as preferred SNMP management address. A netmon lrf option (-k adjustNodeSnmpAddr=false) was added in NNM 7.53 that should stop netmon from switching preferred management addresses.


But you can also try the following: 

  • Temporarily unmanage all the interfaces for the node except the interface that is to be set as the SNMP Address.
  • Issue a demand poll for the node.
  • Check the object properties of the node for SNMP address.
  • Re-manage the rest of the node's interfaces.





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Re: Node is reported with wrong IP

Thanks a lot! How do you issue a repoll? Thanks.

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Re: Node is reported with wrong IP



CLI command nmdemandpoll for netmon discovery poll. Regards,