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SIP & NNM Topology

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SIP & NNM Topology

Hi Friends,

I am integrating SIP with NNM. I can access all the alarms and managed resources information but the topology map does not come up. I have implemented SIP on win2003. The same NNM when i integrate with SIP on another machine - it displays the map which means there are no issues with NNM but with SIP.

I have checked the SIP log file - it throws the given error:
Permission Denied

I have already checked nnm's ovw.auth and ovwdb.auth. Both the files allow users by default.

Any help will be appreciated!

Re: SIP & NNM Topology


The issue should be with NNM, not with SIP. Can you access jovw.exe from the same box that SIP is on? Both connect to port 3700+ and look for a map matching the name configured. What is around the "Permission Denied" error message, as this may also be helpful to define the solution.

Best of luck.

Occasional Contributor

Re: SIP & NNM Topology

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the reply - I did try doing that. The issue has been resolved. The problem was with NNM - I needed a Java 1.4 plug-in to view the NNM Topology map. Since SIP 3.1 supports only java 1.3, i did not have the same. Once i installed Java plug-in 1.4, i started recieving the topology maps.