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help on nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl

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help on nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl

Hello Experts,


How can i pass variables of a trap in nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl.


Trap cbgpFsmStateChange (.
state=HAS_VALUE type=OCTET STRING oid=. value=04 00
state=HAS_VALUE type=INTEGER oid=. value=1
state=HAS_VALUE type=OCTET STRING oid=. value=hold time expired
state=HAS_VALUE type=INTEGER oid=. value=6


i want to involve all these values in nnmsnmpnotify command. i tried this but failed.

node trap-oid variable type value [variable type value]


any hints ?

Trusted Contributor

Re: help on nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl

Hello Tanish,


nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl[-v version] [-c community] [-p port(default:162)] [-A] [-t timeout] [-r
retries] [-d] [-T] [-a agent_addr] [-e enterprise] node trap-oid variable type value[variable
type value]...


As your situation, plz find the following:


#nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl -v 2c "" -a <agent_addr> . . OCTETSTRING "04 00" . INTEGER 1 . OCTETSTRING "hold time expired" . INTEGER 6


Hope this help!


Best Regards,
HP Support
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