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license for NNmi isp-ipt

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license for NNmi isp-ipt

HP Network Node Manager iSPI for IP Telephony Software: license expiring in 6 days

I've got the license (HP NNM iSPI Content MPLS/IP Telephony 15-Month LTU for HP Internal).

I've run command:
nnmlicense.ovpl IPTSPI -f .NNMISPICTNT-15M_5723706.dat

but the license dose not work.
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Re: license for NNmi isp-ipt


In this case i think you need to contact HP directely to get renewal license or any other solution.

Mohamed Zohair
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Re: license for NNmi isp-ipt

iSPI for IPT uses iSPI points as license. You need to buy iSPI points license and install it on NNMi system. YOU need to calculated the no of points you need to buy. Each IPT test requires 1 point.