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nnmsetofficialfqdn script error


nnmsetofficialfqdn script error

I'm getting the following error when running this cmd to update the hostname after a hostname change:




Has anyone seen this error before and / or know what it means?

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Re: nnmsetofficialfqdn script error



 have you performed the nnmsetofficialfqdn.ovpl . If not, then perform this action first.





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Re: nnmsetofficialfqdn script error

No, I have not run this cmd before. I'm trying to run it now and I'm getting the error listed in my first post.


Any ideas on how I can track this error down?

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Re: nnmsetofficialfqdn script error


It would be desirable to know the NNMi version along with the patch detail.


One reason you may encounter this error, is if you are running the command as a non-root user (non Admin account in Windows, or UAC enabled OR non-root user in Unix).



Hope this helps.

Mohit Sharma,
HP Software Support

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