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nnmsnmpwalk query for SNMPv3 devices

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Honored Contributor

nnmsnmpwalk query for SNMPv3 devices

Hi All


I need to run nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl for SNMP v3 devices in NNM 9.11.004 ( HP UX )


I had got following device details,


1)      Operation Mode – Auth No Priv

2)      User name:- NNM and Password – NNMV3

3)      Authentication – MD5

4)      No Privacy ( No Encryption)

5)      IP Address -


I tried constructing query using following command,


nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -v 3 -a MD5 -v3u NNM


but it failed.


Please help

Honored Contributor

Re: nnmsnmpwalk query for SNMPv3 devices

Don't you need to also give it the password? Looks like you're only telling it the auth type.
Regular Advisor

Re: nnmsnmpwalk query for SNMPv3 devices

Hi Ramesh,


You type incomlete command.


You need provide more option for snmp v3


1. SNMPv3 Authentication Protocol

2. SNMPv3 Authentication Passphrase

3. SNMPv3 Privacy Protocol

4. SNMPv3 Privacy Passphrase

5. SNMPv3 Context Name

6. SNMPv3 security name




You can refer HP NNMI Reference Pages pdf for more details.



Chetan J