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snmp v3 in 9.1

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snmp v3 in 9.1


I have  a wierd problem  i try to discaver    with snmp v3  and i  get   the  massge :


nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -u uuuuu -p zzzzzz -port 161  -v 3 -v3u NNM  -x
DES -X zzzzzzNNM  -a MD5 -A zzzzzzzzzz
17/10/2013 14:38:18 com.hp.ov.snmp.stages.ResponseStageEventHandler createRespon
WARNING: SNMPv3 agent / ignoring request id and returning 0 in
the response


but if i send a trap in snmp v3 form i   resive it


what to do


pls  help



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Re: snmp v3 in 9.1

correct snmp configuration needs to be done on the network device. we faced similar issue and took help of Network device's vendor.


once correct configuration was set, snmp walk successfully started.


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