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EVI Support

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EVI Support

Does the simulator support EVI? Has anyone tried this? Is there possibly a lab guide on it? (that would be cool).

Andrew Pearce
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Re: EVI Support

You can run EVI in the simulator. It worked for me (layer 2 over layer).


For the manuals I use either the 5900 configuration guides or the 12900 configuration guides.

For understanding EVI, I use the 12900 configuration guides.

These are freely available on




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Re: EVI Support

This is the msg i get when trying to enable evi im using a base config from our production network.

 Is there a different module you are using?


evi enable (operation is not supported)


#device type is chassis
device_model = SIM3100

#board slot type and memory_size
board = slot 0 : SIM3101 : memory_size 768
board = slot 2 : SIM3111

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Re: EVI Support

Hello, is there any limitation about EVI? It seems that the automatic VRRP isolation is not working.


Thanks and Regards