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HP EVI SUpport on the HP Simulator

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HP EVI SUpport on the HP Simulator



  I am trying to run EVI on the simulator but not working

The evi enable command bring error that Operation is not supported.

Also when i change link to serial, the command is not supported at all, so accpeted only on gigethernet but bring that error.



[HQ-R1]int GE0/1
[HQ-R1-GigabitEthernet0/1]evi en
[HQ-R1-GigabitEthernet0/1]evi enable
The operation is not supported.


May you advise ?




Wael Agina


Sietze Reitsma
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Re: HP EVI SUpport on the HP Simulator

I'm not sure EVI is configurable in the simulator. Even if you could traffic will probably not pass, because the simulator does not support ASIC specific encapsulation. The same counts for example for SPB.

A better way is to use the Virtual Services Router (VSR). The latest code supports EVI and you can get a 60-day demo license.

You can download it form the mynetworking portal under the software section: