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HP V1910 VLANs?

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HP V1910 VLANs?

Hello Guys!

This is my first HP switch I have to deal with, and I have ran into a problem.
My config is the following:
port 48 : Internet Router with DHCP, port mode: Hybrid
port 1 , 2, 4-44: Default untagged VLAN1 with Access port
port 3: room 303 VLAN303 untagged with Access port
port 4: room 401 VLAN401 untagged with Access port
port 45,46,47: Aggregated Ports LAG1 3Gb link for Virtual Machines, port mode: Hybrid
port 44: Dell Server (hosts the VMs)

The entire network is in 192.168.1.x , default gateway:
All VLANS should stay in the same network with same gateway and dhcp pool.

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Re: HP V1910 VLANs?

I did not understand. What is the problem you are facing?