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Help with Hosts

Please forgive my ignorance, I am new to this simulation.

I do not understand how the concept of hosts are supposed to work in this simulation. Am I supposed to provide (virtual) hosts, that can then provide real traffic? Or can hosts effectively be dummy ones, perhaps dummy traffic is even supplied?

When I then try to link one of these hosts to a switch it says "no authority, failed to get network interface information". I've seen an instructional mention that you should be able to right-click a host, choose add links, and be presented with a range of NICs to choose. Of course, I'm not. At the moment I'm just guessing as to why this might be.

EDIT: I have found the previous post with the link to the Brainshark tutorials. I am watching them now to see whether they answer my question (and I'm sure I'll learn other things too).

EDIT 2: OK, hosts really are literally just that, hosts of the simulation (and there can be more than 1). Perhaps it was a mistake to start getting drawn into a GUI topographical layout at the beginnng. I recommend the Brainshark material to start. I don't know about a simulation of actual traffic yet. You can use this to practice setting up configurations. You can also link the simulation to a real network. My post is going to get edited again soon, and/or self reply added or even deleted. I was clearly at cross-purposes with this simulation based on a quick look. My post as it stands won't make any sense.