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Re: NIC Teaming - Best practices

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NIC Teaming - Best practices


Not sure if htis would be the correct location for this post but I would like to know the best practices for NIC teaming when using the HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR adapter.

I did not configure the teaming on this NIC and we are having some communication problems which I am trying to troubleshoot. I'm being told it could be the server although I do not think it is. I'd like to know what (if anything) to check to ensure that the teaming is configured and functioning correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Dennis Handly
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Re: NIC Teaming - Best practices

This is more of a server or OS issue.  What server model and what OS?

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Re: NIC Teaming - Best practices

It all depends about which "teaming" method the OS is going to be configured example: if, Server side, the host's OS is going to be configured with IEEE 802.3ad (LACP) on its four NIC Ports (that's an example) a corresponding configuration on peer (physical/virtual) Switch is required too (creating a LAG Link Aggregation Group, assigning member links to that LAG, etc.), from a pure Networking standpoint, not only knowing what type of "team" the Server host will be configured with but also knowing where the "team" member links are going to terminate is quite important too.

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