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What's the deal with HPE routers?

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What's the deal with HPE routers?

I'm trying to plan out our network for a retail store and HP seems to check all the boxes on the their routers and switches, user feedback on their switches seems Okay, but I can't find any anecdotal stories with their routers (Actually having a hard time trying to find reference manuals for the OS). Can anyone shed some light on this? (I'm guessing maybe the HP routers are relabeled from an acquisition?)


Re: What's the deal with HPE routers?

Hi @Hinata !

HPE offers fixed-port (MSR9xx, MSR10xx), modular (MSR2xxx, 3xxxx, 4xxx) and modular provider-grade (HSR68xx) routers. They can cover pretty much of scenarios - from small office to campus or DC.

As a starting point I recommend you Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center - There you can find detailed specifications (QuickSpecs), Configuration Guides, Command Reference Guides and Configuration Examples for respective platform. All guides are separated by technology, for example "IP Services", "Fundamentals", "Layer 3 - IP Routing" etc etc.


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