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Re: mdns config on 3810 for Chromecast

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mdns config on 3810 for Chromecast

I am having problems getting chromecast to work across vlans. I have 3 VLANs in total that I want to use it across and have tried to enable MDNS and created a gateway as a reflector with no joy. I have set default filter to permit in and out across two of the vlans, one has chromcast devices the other PC's. That did not work so I attempted to add filters with still no luck. The customer said before I changed anything it worked on the same VLAN, ie if you plugged a PC into the same VLAN as the chromecast device it would work, just not from the PC vlan. What am I missing, or does anyone have an example configure that they know works. It is on a 3810 with the latest but one fimrware.



Re: mdns config on 3810 for Chromecast

did you enabled ip routing

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