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11iv3 recieving ICMP Source Quench

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11iv3 recieving ICMP Source Quench

I've a couple of HPUX 11iv3 servers (rx8640 and BL860i2) that replies with icmp source quench to every ping request.

The servers are not running short of memory and have no excessive cpu usage.

However I have one 11iv3 that doesn't reply with source quench. The only difference, afaik, is that this server has an older driver for the igelan nic.

On the server returning source quench
lan0 driver properties:
Driver Version = B.11.31.1009
Driver State = IGELAN_ONLINE

The one not returning it
lan0 driver properties:
Driver Version = B.11.31.0909
Driver State = IGELAN_ONLINE

I know that you can turn off source quench messages using ndd, but I'm interested in WHY the messages are returned.. which seems to be in error?

The only thing I can think of, aside from the driver version, is that the server returning SQ is part of a MC/SG Cluster.

Anyone that can shed some light on this?


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Re: 11iv3 recieving ICMP Source Quench


I think you are looking at a know issue, QXCR1001037608:

When the IP_MONITOR feature is enabled, it causes many
ICMP_SOURCEQUENCH messages to be sent to the polling
target. These messages can be seen in the network
traces and in the log files of the polling target.

Have a look at the following patches (as you did not specify which version of Serviceguard you are using) to solve the issue:
- PHSS_41535 (Serviceguard 11.19)
- PHSS_41523 (Serviceguard 11.20)


Re: 11iv3 recieving ICMP Source Quench

That seems to be spot on, thanks!