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2 LAN card interfaces in HP-Ux

Occasional Contributor

2 LAN card interfaces in HP-Ux

we added two new LAN card interface LAN4 and LAN 5
LAN 5 is configured properly with default gateway and its pingable
but we have problem with LAN 4 connecting to default gateway

#netstat -rn

Routing tables
Destination Gateway Flags Refs Interface Pmtu UH 0 lo0 4136 UH 0 lan3 4136 UH 0 lan4 4136 UH 0 lan5 4136 U 2 lan3 1500 U 2 lan5 1500 U 2 lan4 1500 U 0 lo0 4136 UG 0 lan5 1500
default UG 0 lan3 1500

I already configured the static route with LAN5 interface.
Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: 2 LAN card interfaces in HP-Ux

Can you post lanscan output.

Try to re-configure from SAM

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Re: 2 LAN card interfaces in HP-Ux

By their IP addresses, it looks like your lan4 and lan5 are connected to the same IP segment.

Using two physical LAN interfaces and IP addresses to connect to a single network segment is not a recommended configuration.

If you want two physical interfaces for extra capacity, use APA to join them together into a single aggregate interface, then assign the IP address to the aggregate.

If you want two IP addresses, use IP aliases on a single LAN interface (which may be the aggregate interface produced by APA).

This document might be useful in understanding how HP-UX works with multiple NICs: