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4150B cpu installation

Dan Johnsson
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4150B cpu installation

Hi everyone.
I'm very well aware that this machine(OB 4150B) is hopelessly outdated but i thought i give it a shot.
I have the last few days been trying to install an cpu without success. The cpu I want to install is an PIII 500mhz (PML50002001AA). I have upgraded the bios to the 3.13 version, but during boot i'm promted that the build time is 11/11/99 which is the 3.05 version of the bios but the version number is 3.13, is this normal? Anyway, when i boot with the p3 500 the machine is dead. Obviously the cpu dosn't support SpeedStep, is this a problem?
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Re: 4150B cpu installation

Your best bet would be to install the old cpu, get into bios, and set the clock multiplier and frequency to the lowest possible (if that is possible at all). If, upon installing the new CPU it actually boots (I kinda doubt it will, though this proceedure works on desktops and servers), then step the multiplier and frequency up until the unit quits working again.