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4250dtn Grind

Rex Dewberry
Occasional Contributor

4250dtn Grind

I work for a company that has two LaserJet 4250dtn printers. One works really well. The other has a grinding sound when it starts to print. I interchanged the fuser, the duplexer and still it grinds. It will only stop when I lift up the duplexer and fores the fuser to make better contact. This printer has been in service for @ 1 year. Anyone have any ideas?
Appreciate any comments.
Richard Eklund
Honored Contributor

Re: 4250dtn Grind


In many cases, the "grind" is caused by the fuser not engaging the main drive gear assembly properly.

Power down the unit. Remove the rear right side cover, remove the formatter. Remove the top cover, the right side cover and the fuser. Loosen the three screws on each side that secure the plate that fuser sits on, rotate the plate up in the back and tighten the screws. Put it all back together and the noise should go away.

Oh, did I mention, call your local Hewlett-Packard Authorized Service Provider and ask them to do this for you. :D Not a fix to be undertaken by the novice, but not complicated.

Best of luck!

Richard Eklund,
"Everytime you do a good deed, you kick the devil in the butt." Tim Allen
Jay Bollyn
Honored Contributor

Re: 4250dtn Grind

Hi Rex,

You might get more responses if you post to one or both of the following:

I believe this problem is 'printer operations' rather than 'MS networking'.

- Jay
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