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APA question

APA question

We have a Superdome that is going to be split from a two cell system into two one cell systems.
I'm in the process of documenting what interface cards are in use on the second cell (the one being formed into a new NPAR) so we know which ones need to move and which can stay.

How can I find how the name and status of the real interfaces so that I can see if they are being used.

I can't currently interrupt the system so I would need to do it live, if I can't figure anything out I'll just have to wait until next week and use the "hpapa stop" script to take it out of the mix.

Below are the output's I'm getting while APA is running.


With APA running netstat doesn't show the real interfaces just the APA interfaces.
netstat -in
Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Coll
lan905 1500 32314 0 1596 0 3223417971
lan1 1500 51338734 0 12839178 0 0
lan904 1500 270209685 0 325503500 0 0
lo0 4136 3309784 0 3309784 0 0

Lanscan shows the interfaces but shows them all as up even if they don't have IP's or cables plugged in.
Hardware Station Crd Hdw Net-Interface NM MAC HP-DLPI DLPI
Path Address In# State NamePPA ID Type Support Mjr#
0/0/0/1/0 0x000F203C5222 0 UP lan0 snap0 1 ETHER Yes 119
0/0/2/1/0/6/0 0x00306E5E2A88 1 UP lan1 snap1 2 ETHER Yes 119
0/0/2/1/0/7/0 0x00306E5E2A89 2 UP lan2 snap2 3 ETHER Yes 119
0/0/10/1/0/6/0 0x00306E5E6BDE 7 UP lan7 snap7 4 ETHER Yes 119
0/0/10/1/0/7/0 0x00306E5E6BDF 8 UP lan8 snap8 5 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/0/1/0 0x000F203C52E7 9 UP lan9 snap9 6 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/2/1/0/6/0 0x00306E5E3904 10 UP lan10 snap10 7 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/2/1/0/7/0 0x00306E5E3905 11 UP lan11 snap11 8 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/3/1/0 0x00306E5DFD54 12 UP lan12 snap12 9 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/3/1/1 0x00306E5DFD55 13 UP lan13 snap13 10 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/10/1/0/6/0 0x00306E5E2A84 14 UP lan14 snap14 11 ETHER Yes 119
2/0/10/1/0/7/0 0x00306E5E2A85 15 UP lan15 snap15 12 ETHER Yes 119
LinkAgg4 0x00306E5DE45E 904 UP lan904 snap904 22 ETHER Yes 119
LinkAgg5 0x00306E5DE45F 905 UP lan905 snap905 23 ETHER Yes 119
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: APA question

lanscan -q will show what is aggregated to what. You can then located which lanX is what hardware address by either lanscan or an ioscan.

Also look in the /etc/rc.config.d/hpapa* files for config info.