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APA selecting wrong Lan


APA selecting wrong Lan

Trying to configure APA on HPUX 11.11.  Version of APA is 11.11.30.


Trying to aggregate 4 PCI 100BaseT cards into lan900.  Aggregate consists of lan2, 3, 4, and 5.   When the system boots up,  lan0 is placed into a separate aggregate by itself and the "S340net start" script following the APA script fails because "lan0 is busy".  lan0 is the core lan and shouldn't be included in the aggregate. Lans 3,4,5 are ok and lan2 is excluded and displayed with lanscan as a non-aggregate lan.  Here is the start up script.



Output from "/sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa start":
DLPI version is 2
         /sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa started.
         Please be patient. This may take about 40 seconds.
         HP_APA_MAX_LINKAGGS = 50
         /usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 2 LACP_AUTO
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -k 2 7 900
         New Administrative Key = 7
         /usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 3 LACP_AUTO
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -k 3 7 900
         New Administrative Key = 7
         /usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 4 LACP_AUTO
         New Administrative Key = 7
         /usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 4 LACP_AUTO
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -k 4 7 900
         New Administrative Key = 7
         /usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 5 LACP_AUTO
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -k 5 7 900
         New Administrative Key = 7
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin  -X -l LB_MAC 900
         New Load Balancing = 2
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin  -X -y off 900
         New Hot Standby = OFF
         /usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -k 900 7 900
         New Administrative Key = 7
         /sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa Completed successfully.


Here is the hp_apaconf file:



Here is the hp_hpapaportconf file:





Here are the lans:

:[/etc/rc.config.d] ioscan -fnC lan
Class     I  H/W Path  Driver S/W State   H/W Type     Description
lan       0  0/0/0/0   btlan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP PCI 10/100Base-TX Core
                      /dev/diag/lan0  /dev/ether0     /dev/lan0
lan       2  0/8/0/0   gelan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A4929A PCI 1000Base-T Adapter
lan       1  0/10/0/0  btlan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A5230A/B5509BA PCI 10/100Base-TX Addon
                      /dev/diag/lan1  /dev/ether1     /dev/lan1
lan       3  0/12/0/0  gelan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A4929A PCI 1000Base-T Adapter
lan       4  1/2/0/0   gelan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A4929A PCI 1000Base-T Adapter
lan       5  1/4/0/0   gelan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A4929A PCI 1000Base-T Adapter


There are two swiches attached so lan900 and lan901 are created.  After booting the lan0 MAC is inserted into lan902 as a single aggregate. 


If I disable APA, start/stop the network, then run /sbin/init.d/hpapa start, lan0 appears as a separte lan as it should and lan900 and lan901 are ok.  I've checked the output of APA on start-up and it is identical to the output of APA if I run it manually. 


Can someone tell me why APA keeps aggregating lan0 when I boot?







Re: APA selecting wrong Lan

should have been PCI 1000BaseT , not 100. All are full duplex, Autonegotiation on
donna hofmeister
Trusted Contributor

Re: APA selecting wrong Lan

could the problem be on the switch?  This is from the manual...


The link partner (the switch, router, or server) ports connected to the server ports must be configured for link aggregation (trunking). In addition, the mode on the link partner and the server must be the same. For example, if ports 1, 2, 3, and 4 are connected to a link partner switch's ports C1, C2, C3, and C4, respectively, and the server side is trunked using LACP_AUTO mode, the partner switch must be configured to trunk ports C1, C2, C3, and C4 using LACP_AUTO mode.


btw are you using service guard on this box?  if so, how's its networking configured?


might as well include a copy of your netconf file too


Re: APA selecting wrong Lan

Thanks for the reply Donna.  No, this is not SGuard. Netconf is below.


Unfortunately, I'm dialed in and the 'switch' guy recently left the company.  No one onsite has knowledge of the Extreme switch.  I thought the switch might be the problem, but was concerned because the aggregate gets confused before the system has completed the reboot. But the more I think about it, maybe the network starts communicating with the switch right after the APA configuration and before '/sbin/rc2.d/S340net start ' is run. 

The strange thing is if I stop apa, run 'net start', then restart apa, things seem to be set up ok.


Let me back up a moment.  This used to work.  They moved the server to another part of the building and had to remove the lan cables from the system, but not the switch.  They traced lan0 for me and it looks ok.  They're not sure of the others.