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ARCserve and Network card?

Teck Sim
Frequent Advisor

ARCserve and Network card?

Backup ran fine before I upgraded OS from HP 10.20 to 11.0 with Oracle database

After the cold-installed of OS 11, ARCserve runs very slow, and the database is about 4G in size, but it never completed the backup. It took 6hr 52 min to backup 410.95 MB.

What's happening after the new OS cold-install
that have impact on ARCserve backup?

Thanks in advance.

I am new to ARCserve backup and UNIX Admin.
Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: ARCserve and Network card?

Check the documentation that came with the software.

Make sure that it is fully compatibile with 11.00, and that all kernel tuning parameters have been applied.

I couldn't find any mention of required or updated patches.

For some of the NON UNIX OS's there were lots of mentions of moving to a newer version.

Are you backing up the Server directly, or across the network by using the ARCserve client?

BTW: You may get a better responce by posting this question across in the HP-UX forum.

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