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Active/Passive NICs

f. halili
Trusted Contributor

Active/Passive NICs

How do you configure dual NICs. One is active, and second one is passive?


Can you have have two NICs and have them active? If so how?




f. halili
Trusted Contributor

Re: Active/Passive NICs

Also, I am only given one IP to use ...

Honored Contributor

Re: Active/Passive NICs

For Active/Active configuration, you'll need Auto-Port Aggregation (APA): it used to be a separate product, but became a standard part of HP-UX 11.31 in newer releases.


For Active/Passive configuration, you can use either APA or Serviceguard, although APA offers more options.

(Using Serviceguard just for this purpose only makes sense if you already have a Serviceguard license you aren't using for any other purpose.)


The idea of APA is that you join two or more physical NICs (e.g. lan0 and lan1) into a single aggregate interface (in HP-UX 11.31, typically lan900 or above). This aggregate interface can then be configured just like a regular NIC.


In HP-UX 11.31, the easiest way to configure APA is to use the System Management Homepage (SMH). You can also use command-line tools to configure APA if you wish.


You can find the APA documentation here:


Click on "HP-UX Auto Port Aggregation (APA) Software", then go to the User Guide section and find the guide that is appropriate for your HP-UX version.