Aruba 2930M

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Aruba 2930M

Hello to everybody.
I would like to know if there is a method to stack far from each other, two Aruba 2930m switches.
Is it correct that this kind of devices don't support VFS? Is there anyway a method to join these switches distant from each other?
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Re: Aruba 2930M

Hello @AF87 what do you mean with "far"?

Giving that Aruba 2930M only supports backplane stacking method (Hardware Stacking modules and dedicated specific Stacking Cables), you're pretty much tied to the maximum length of Stacking Cables when you plan to stack two or more Aruba 2930M and place stack members "far" from each others.

Aruba 2930M doesn't support VSF (in any case, even if you change switch to Arba 2930F to deploy VSF, you will need to dual home all VSF's peers against the stretched VSF Members to completely fulfill the VSF benefits).

IIRC Stacking Cables aren't longer than 3 meters: Aruba 2920/2930M 3m Stacking Cable (J9736A) you're tied to maximum 3 meters between each stack member, you can't go longer.

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