Authentification with Radius without privilege

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Authentification with Radius without privilege


I just install and configured a radius server (which work well, I have configured my clients and my rules ) : for the connection request policy and for the network policy.

I have created my User which are member in the administrative group :

Everything work well with the configuration on the switch, I can log in with the account that I create but I have no privilege like did I forget something ?

Here is my configuration for the switch, the switch is a HP 5130-24G-4SFP+El Switch if it's can help :

The line configuration :

The radius part :

And I have create a local-user with all privilege, with that I can log now with the "local-user"@system and his password.

I was thinking that when you'r log with the account that you will have all privilege thanks to the rule by the Radius, the "option" service-Type : Administrative but apparently no.

So do you guys have an idear?  Like is it a missing on the switch or is it a problem with the radius server/rules ?