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Bad duplexer connection

Lee Voight
Occasional Visitor

Bad duplexer connection

When i bought the kit and put it in, I am having the exact same problem. Still unsolved on my 4350n.
Rune J. Winje
Honored Contributor

Re: Bad duplexer connection

I think you will get a better response by posting in the printer forum.

Says it is essential to use the right angled power cord so there is a close fit of the duplex unit.

Other than this I suppose it could be
a) defective duplex unit (test on another printer of the same model - if possible - to make sure)
b) bad connection, wiring or defective sensors in the printer

If the duplex unit is defective - get it replaced. If it's new then it should be covered by warranty.

If it looks like problems with the printer itself, then it's best to have a qualified service person look at the printer. Get a quote on price first - unless it is covered by warranty or carepack.