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CIFS Server A.03.01.05

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CIFS Server A.03.01.05



We have an HP 9000 (rp3410) server with HP-UX 11v2. As a CIFS server, I had installed the HP A.02.04.05 release, acting as a member server of a Windows 2003 domain.

All was working correctly: after the creation of a krb5.keytab file, all clients were authenticated from the domain server(s), and accessed their shares through the permits given on the HP 9000 server or, equivalently, on the domain server(s).


Now I've tried to install the newer A.03.01.05 version. I've re-joined the domain, created the krb5.keytab file, restarted the CIFS server with the new version of the configuration file. From my client PC, all was working correctly, so I've decided to leave the new version installed.

This happened last friday.

On monday, from a couple of client PCs nothing was working: requesting a CIFS share from these clients leaded to a password request from the CIFS server - something awesome since even with a good password the share couldn't be opened.

All I have discovered as of now is that this strange behaviour depends from the client machine, not from the user specified.


On the system logs what I've found is:

Jun 25 15:28:12 myhost smbd[5056]:   getpeername failed. Error was Invalid argument
Jun 25 15:28:12 myhost smbd[5056]:   read_fd_with_timeout: client read error = Invalid argument.
Jun 25 15:28:12 myhost smbd[5057]: [2012/06/25 15:28:12,  0] libads/kerberos_verify.c:71(ads_dedicated_keytab_verify_ticket)
Jun 25 15:28:12 myhost smbd[5057]:   krb5_rd_req failed (Key table entry not found)
Jun 25 15:28:12 myhost smbd[5058]: [2012/06/25 15:28:12,  0] libads/kerberos_verify.c:71(ads_dedicated_keytab_verify_ticket)


Since this is a "production" machine, I've decided to reinstall the old CIFS version until I have discovered the reason for the missed authentication.


Could anybody please help me ?


Thank you





Re: CIFS Server A.03.01.05

IN smb.conf if you have the line of

interface xxxxxxxxx

remove it and restart smb servieces .

Issue should be resolved .

Sachin Rajput