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CIFS Server alternatives for HPUX

I do not know if everybody realized, that HP is going to drop CIFS/Samba Server for HPUX


There is a statement on the product page for CIFS stating that:


Obsolescence plan for HP CIFS Server

CIFS Server for all releases of HP-UX will reach end of support by May 2016.

HP-UX NFS server can be used as an alternative to share the directories using NFS protocol.



Well, we have about 800 windows-based clients (from DOS, W95, W98, NT ... Win7) connected to a samba running on a HPUX Intregrity Cluster. So there is no easy way to switch to NFS.



Why is HP dropping support for this ? A very relieable Samba in this Environment is what makes our management to stick with HPUX.


NFS is not really a substitute for samba. So do we have to compile samba for ourself in the next future ?


How are other samba-Server Users on HPUX are dealing with this ?

Switch to Linux (and drop HPUX and HP-Hardware) ?

Switch to Windows (and drop HPUX and HP-Hardware) ?


I am curious what made HP to discontinue Samba on HPUX.




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Re: CIFS Server alternatives for HPUX

Yes, we got clobbered by that as well. I suspect it was done as a cost cutting measure, but it leaves us in a bind.


I suppose if you're willing to accept the security risk, there's always the Samba package at the HP-UX Porting and Archive Centre. (What I usually do is look at their notes and make the changes to a clean copy of the code.) Unfortunately it's not up to version 4.2 yet.

Re: CIFS Server alternatives for HPUX

We had just received the bad news too.  I was cheking with support on a scheduled Windows 2003 to 2008 upgrade and asked support if they could give me a best proctice type check list on our scheduled upgrade.  We use CIFS/SAMBA Active Directory integration for our ERP system, and I have talored how it is used here.  Some shares are hidden, and only certain users have access, other are full access to everyone.  We were told that we could subsitute NFS for the EOL CIFS / SAMBA, but NFS will not work in a way that we use CIFS.  There is not enough granularity in NFS to do what we do with CIFS/SAMBA.  There is NO easy way to make NFS work for us.  HP is really letting it's Enterprise customers down with this move.

I would appreciate anyone's input. 

BTW - I also placed a support call to RHEL (Red Hat) and they do not plan to end support for SAMBA integration with Active Directory in future releases or RHEL.  Good for RH, BAD for HP-UX. 

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Re: CIFS Server alternatives for HPUX


Please could you tell me where is the announcement "Obsolescence plan for HP CIFS Server". ?

I was looking at product page but can not find this reference. The link that I used:

However, I find the announcement for the CIFS Client: