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CIFS Server and OS X clients

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CIFS Server and OS X clients



Summary of a problem:

On a CIFS share (CIFS server A.03.01.05 on HP-UX 11.31) I have some MS Word files.
From a Mac OS X client I can connect to the share as the proper (mapped) user: the HP server is part of a Windows domain, and the users are authenticated correctly.
The directory containing the Word file isn't property of the connected user, but he/she is part of the group the directory belongs to, and the permits given on the directory and on the file are correct (expressed in octal, they are 0770 on the directory and 0660 on the file).
The user is able to open the file, but isn't able to modify it. Any "Save" operation doesn't work.

I have observed from the CIFS log files that every time the user opens such files the Word application creates in the same directory a temporary file, something like "Word Work File D_2.tmp", and in the log files I am finding messages like
[2012/11/05 14:26:58,  2] smbd/open.c:581(open_file)
  <user> opened file <relative path>/Word Work File D_3.tmp
read=Yes write=No (numopen=5)
from which message I suspect that the problems are related to the temporary file, being the client unable to write in it.


In the smb.conf file, I've denied the users to create some temporary files (through the "veto files" instruction), so I suspected this was the reason of the "malfunctioning".

But, surprisingly, if I completely remove the "veto files" instruction, the write problem is still there.


Has anybody an idea for this behaviour ?


Thank you



Regular Advisor

Re: CIFS Server and OS X clients

This came up to be a problem between Unix permits and Windows ACL.

Adding the option "nt acl support = no" to the CIFS configuration file smb.conf solved the problem.


The strange thing was that the problem occurred only with the Word .docx files, and not with the "older" .doc