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Can't access new user's outlook

xiaoping yu
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Can't access new user's outlook

Are there any people like me still there? I am so tired that I don't want to figure out by myself any longer. I know how important your time is.
I try to set up a new xp desktop, new user. The new user can log on the network, can access Internet, can access mapped network drive. But can't access her outlook. The error message is: "Unable to open your default e-mail folders. The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange server computer has failed."

using the same computer, I logged as myself and can access everything, include the Internet, outlook, mapped network drive.

using different workstation. This new user get the same result.

I can see the new user in the global address list in outlook. After I added this new user profile and checked name, I can see the name is underlined.

I setup another new user, it has the same error, no matter which computer I use.

All these make my feel that there is something wrong in the outlook exchange server with the new user I will make. Any idea or any questions?
Roger Faucher
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Re: Can't access new user's outlook

Are you an Administrator? If yes, try making your user a member of the Administrator's group (as a test).

What is your domain server? SBS/SBS2000/WIN2K/NT4?


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Jon Finley
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Re: Can't access new user's outlook

It sounds as if you have left them out of a security group.

The following MS article discribes what properties need to be on the store, but you may have assisgned a certian group privledges that these new users don't have access to by default.;en-us;282964

What version of Exchange are you running?

Did you upgrade the Exchange Server from 5.5 to 2000? Did you ever install and test Exchange 2000 RC2 (Release Candidate 2)?

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