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Can't get a B180L to login

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Can't get a B180L to login

 Hi, yes I still need to support old HP ATE test equiptment that have B180L's.  This one in particular had the power yanked in a storm.  when it came back up it boots up very slowly but it does come up.  Gives the CDE log in screen but when you try to log in, with any user, root included, it sits their for a long time then the screen goes blank.  First time it was booted back up an error appeared (I do not have the exact error) that suggested looking into the .dt error log file.  It had the following in it.



Wed May 15 11:06:47 2013   dtsession: Invalid display name - exiting.


I beleive somehting got corrupted in the loggin .dt some where but not sure.  I am not a major system admin at all.  It is a side duty of mine currently.  Any one have any ideas on what to look at first?  I have other machiens using the same style box and could copy a good file.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Can't get a B180L to login

If you can get to a command line prompt, try running the following:





This will check some basic things and give you some info to go by.


First hand, without any more info, I would suspect network/hostname resolv issues.  If the system cannot resolve it own hostname, the CDE system will not start.



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