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Can't see mapped drives in Explorer

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Can't see mapped drives in Explorer

I have one user who can't see the drives he mapped in Explorer. The only way to see the mapped drive is to type the drive in the address box in the Explorer screen. This pose a problem for an application that needs the drives mapped to the server in order for the application to work. He does get all the mapped drives in the logon script but when I added these two new drives in the logon script, these 2 drives failed to show when he log on. Also, he doesn't see the USB thumb drive either when he connects it. This thumb drive was assigned to the Y:\.

Please help.
Jorge Pinto Leite
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Re: Can't see mapped drives in Explorer

Hi Joln

What OS version and level is he running? Is the network a domain or a workgroup? If domain, what is to OS version and level?

Assume you have already checked any firewall he has on his PC?
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Re: Can't see mapped drives in Explorer

User is using XP SP2 connected to a office network. What I did was enable the group policy on his computer to the computer to wait for the mappings when user logs on (an advice given by one of the guys ealier) and it seems to work.

Jon Finley
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Re: Can't see mapped drives in Explorer

If this is XP, it's a known problem.

It has to do with offline files and folders.

My "assumption" is that if the feature is turned off, the drive letters will come back.

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