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Catch a Wave!

By Kevin Secino, AMS Regional Mobility and SMB Product Line Manager, HP Networking


Kevin Secino.jpgOkay, so I’m showing my age…paraphrasing the title from this catchy ’Beach Boys’ hit in the mid 60’s. So what’s the analogy? HP Networking is riding high as it announces two new Wi-Fi solutions at this year’s Interop event in Las Vegas NV. HP Networking is introducing 2 new 802.11ac Access Points based on wave 1 of this industry standard.   What this translates to is higher performance at 1.3Gb/s as well as better transmit/reception capability. Although the industry anticipates that wave 2 (yes there is another wave coming) with Multi User MIMO will be one of the bigger technology announcements will hit the market sometime in 2015. Mu-Mimo will offer even high speeds (ability to simultaneously receive and transmit from multiple “input, multiple output” devices. Hence the name Mu-Mimo….


While many companies introduced 802.11ac wave 1 product into the market, there were only a limited number of client devices supporting the increased performance seen in wave 1. HP believes this is perfect timing to introduce the HP560 Access Point and another innovative WallJack solution the HP517. Let’s chat about the HP517 first…this solution is specifically designed for Higher Ed (colleges & university dorms) as well as the Hotel/hospitality industry. Its concentrated RF (Radio Frequency) footprint is ideal for dorm or hotel environments. HP was the first company to introduce this technology approximately 5 years ago when it brought to market the MSM317…and as with most innovative technology, it didn’t take long for other companies to follow suit.




Top and rear pictures of the HP517 Unified Wired/Wireless WallJack


With the introduction of the HP560, customers can take advantage of the higher performing, higher density (ability for more client devices to associate with the access point) 802.11ac AP. Click here for more information about the HP560. 


HP560 IEEE 802.11ac access point


Now, what hasn’t been shared just yet with  our followers is the “big wave question”… do I deploy wave 1 now or wait for wave 2… well, this all depends on your current Wi-Fi network… some of the following questions may be obvious, however they need to be asked…

  1. Are you ready for a network refresh? Is your network and the clients connecting to your wi-fi network experience very slow performance?
  2. Do you have older wi-fi technology deployed 802.11a,b,g?
  3. Are your clients running applications over the wi-fi network that are consuming lots of bandwidth?

If you answered yet to these three questions, you’re likely a good candidate to deploy wave 1 today…and we can help.


>> See the product announcement for the HP517.


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