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Cifs- NTLMV2 - Windows 7

Occasional Contributor

Cifs- NTLMV2 - Windows 7



I have tried to get my cifs server configured to work with Windows 7 - without having to change anything in Windows. I know the secpol,msc option is there, but in our domain, a gpo has made it impossible to change these settings, so I would like to ask if anyone know, if it is possible to have cifs version:


CIFS-Client           A.02.02.01     HP CIFS Client
CIFS-Development      A.03.01.01     HP CIFS Server Source Code Files
CIFS-Server           A.03.01.01     HP CIFS Server (Samba) File and Print Services


Configured, so that it works with NTLMV2.


Thanks in advance.