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D-Link DGE-550t Problems

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D-Link DGE-550t Problems

I have a D-Link 550t with windows 2003 R2 in a Server ML350 5G, but when I copy a file there are connection problems.
If I ping, packets are lost.
Any suggestions?
Dan Robinson_4
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Re: D-Link DGE-550t Problems

What kind of switch?
What is the Link speed/duplex the card says its using right now?

You either have a duplex mis-natch (Switch is FULL and Card is HALF usually)
Or else one of your components is bad. NIC/CABLE/Switch.

Easiest thing to check first is swap out the cable for one you know is good and try again.
If that doesnt work, try a different port on the switch.
Lastly, try a different NIC.